What We Do

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The Classroom

ROD begins with a 9-month process consisting of Bible and discipleship classes in state jails. Inmates must meet the requirements to participate, which include:

  • Have at least 3 months until release
  • Attend ROD classes offered in unit
  • Attend substance abuse program offered within the facility if needed
  • Plan to reside in Dallas area upon release

After a new client is accepted, the trained volunteer leader teaches orientation.Each class requires homework and clients are required to consistently attend Bible study classes, complete needs assessments with volunteer leaders and devise a plan of action for their needs.



Following successful completion of the classes and requirements, the client participates in graduation and receives a certificate. 90 days prior to release, an exit interview is completed and ROD assesses the client’s needs to determine placement in an aftercare program. Both residential and non-residential leads are offered. After release, ROD continues to walk alongside the client in his or her new journey of healthy living.

After release, a ROD client must:

  • Regularly attend required classes or support groups
  • Meet weekly with ROD’s aftercare director and/or a mentor
  • Actively seek employment
  • Actively participate in a church congregation
  • Actively participate in volunteer opportunities


Of the 600,000 individuals released from prison every year, 67 percent will return to a life of crime and imprisonment within three years. Opportunities for successful re-entry into society are few. Keys to success are housing, addiction counseling, employment skills, reintegration into the family, and social and conflict resolution skills.

Many churches and other groups minister to inmates in prison; however, organized discipleship and aftercare programs are rare. This is where ROD’s aftercare program and partnership with Adult Rehabilitation Ministry comes in.


Donate Now

No donation is too great or to small for the work of the minsitry here at ROD. We have big goals and aspirations and are constantly seeking ways to help more men in a deeper, more meaningful and longlasting levels. Please consider being one of our partners in ministry by giving to Restoration Outreach of Dallas.