ROD Introduces End the Trend

ROD Introduces End the Trend

It is our heart that no child would ever experience the sorrow that comes with landing behind bars at the hand and mercy of a stranger. But we know that our hearts don’t always yield reality.

It is for this reason that we are launching the END THE TREND initiative. It is currently in a pilot stage as proper funds are necessary to fully roll out the program, but we take on as many young men as possible.

End the Trend seeks to shed light on what the justice system and incarceration is truly like. In many neighborhoods, going to prison and breaking the law is glorfied. Rarely does someone return to a community telling the true horrors and struggles of being in prison. Instead, a glorified fantasy is presented making the process seem “cool” and a right of passage. Young people receive these messages and end up greatly deceived.

ROD’s End the Trend program works to bring truth and light to shine against the dark falsehoods that are purported and open serious paths to destruction.  Most people need to see in order to believe. So we open our doors to young men and women to experience the truth about the process through the justice and corrections system for one day. It is our hope and prayer that the one day is all it takes.

Contact us today to get your youth plugged in.

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