End the Trend

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Rod Ministries Youth Partnership Initiative

The process that lands a man or woman in prison begins long before one hits the courtroom. Convicted individuals often spiral down a road of unexpected twists and turns that are due to continued poor decision making.

That’s why ROD Ministries wants to partner with local youth organizations, schools and churches to begin an initiative called END the TREND. During this one day event, students will:

  • MEET a former inmate.
  • LISTEN to their story.
  • LEARN from their examples
  • VISIT the ROD House
  • SERVE at ROD for the afternoon.

We’ve met so many men and women who thought that “it could never happen to them,” and it did. It is our hope that this glimpse into the reality of prison life will add a little of the “shock value” some children might need to pursue what is right.

Contact our office to find out more information.

The Pursuit of Right

It is our heart that no child would ever experience the sorrow that comes with landing behind bars at the hand and mercy of a stranger. But we know that our hearts don’t always yield reality.

It is for this reason that we are launching the END THE TREND initiative. Some people need to see in order to believe. So we open our doors to you, our little sisters and brothers, to experience something for one day that we can only hope you never have to experience for longer.

Contact us today to get your youth plugged in.

Donate Now

No donation is too great or to small for the work of the minsitry here at ROD. We have big goals and aspirations and are constantly seeking ways to help more men in a deeper, more meaningful and longlasting levels. Please consider being one of our partners in ministry by giving to Restoration Outreach of Dallas.