Reducing Recidivism.
National rates are upwards of 70%.
ROD's rate is 5%.
We're making it happen.

In relationship is where true change happens.
We build with our men on the inside.
We walk with our men on the outside.

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What Makes ROD Different?

Obedience to God has caused so many doors to open in my life. I now have been clean and sober for almost three years…thanks to GOD. I am currently employed full time, and I am attending Eastfield College where I am studying to be a licensed counselor. I have now found out that if you are committed to change… change will take place.

Stacey Smith, ROD Participant

ROD Ministry News

Restore, Rest, Replenish

July 21st, 2018|

Because we know the importance of sabbath and experiencing God’s beauty all around us, we work to provide our men many opportunities to experience life as God intended in order to begin to build their own. One way we do that is by our yearly ROD Family Lake Picnic. Dick and Catherine LeBlanc generously open their Cedar Creek Home to us and we get to have a big ROD Family Picnic on the lake.

ROD Luncheon and 2015 Updates

July 21st, 2018|

Twenty fifteen has been an exciting year for ROD Ministries. We ventured into our own building and partnered with House of Prayer Word Outreach Church, we hosted Senator John Cornyn at our new building to support his efforts in prison reform, and we had our first ever fundraising luncheon!

ROD Introduces End the Trend

July 21st, 2018|

ROD Ministries wants to partner with local youth organizations, schools and churches to begin an initiative called END the TREND. During this one day event, students will...