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As a non-profit, we rely on the faithful donations of those called to give. We take the stewardship of time, materials, and finances very seriously and we teach the ROD men the importance of stewardship as well. No contribution is too small as giving is a heart condition, not a numbers condition. We are deeply grateful to all who take the time to give to ROD!

ROD Ministries is proud to be a part of North Texas Giving Day. On Thursday, September 22, 2016 from 6 am to 12 am, please consider making your donation through North Texas Giving Day and your donation to ROD Ministries will be multiplied!

Donations go towards things like:

Aftercare Houses: Mortgage, Bills, Repairs, Maintenance *Our men contribute to the house bills to encourage and teach money management and financial responsibility. Often, houses are self-sustaining, allowing extra funds to help us purchase much needed new Aftercare Homes. New business suits are given for men graduating Aftercare.

Aftercare Graduation New Suit: Men graduating from the Aftercare program get to go pick out a brand new business suit as our gift to them for all their hard work. It is an incredibly fun part of what we do!

Discipleship Books & Materials: Three levels of intensive studies taken into area prisons.

Graduation Ceremonies: Graduations are a big deal at ROD! Many men have never graduated from something before.

Documents: Many times men don’t have an ID, social security card, birth certificate, or other important government documents. Getting these in order is an important part of moving into a responsible way of living. We help them acquire these documents. Sometimes it means travel to another city or state.

Welcome Backpacks: Often men have nothing but the clothes on their backs when they leave prison. We provide a clean towel, toiletries, bus passes, etc.

Case Management & Follow Up: Keeping up with 1,000+ men can be a lot of work!

New Initiatives: End the Trend is our prevention program that targets at risk teens and young men. Currently, this program is in a pilot stage due to funding. Our prayer is to fully launch by year end. There are young men on a wait list!